Soccer tricks tutorials

At this page you will find tutorial videos of football(soccer)tricks. Some of these videos include instructions, from others you can learn the tricks by watching the videos. The soccer tricks tutorials we have are:
-Cruyff turn
-Around the world
-Marseille turn
-Puskas move
-Blanco move
Watch and learn from these tricks!

Soccer tricks tutorials!
Akka tutorial
Ronaldinho doing the akka in slowmotion
Cruyff turn
Johan Cruyff doing his famous Cruyff turn.
Tutorial on how to do the sciccor.
Around the world
Tutorial of the famous freestyle soccer trick.
Marseille turn
The Marseille turn done by Henry.
Puskas move
Tutorial of the trick named after Hungarian player Puskas.
Blanco move
Tutorial of the trick named after Mexican player Blanco.